How to Get Deer to Come to Your Campsite

We love to camp and often we see deer in the area but rarely see them hanging out where people can see and enjoy them from a safe distance. The kids always wanted to know how to get them closer to our campsite so we can take pictures of them or just watch them play. Some campgrounds may not allow this so make sure to ask first but we found that setting a little treat out for them at a safe distance but visible area has helped.

Safety First!
Do not try to pet a deer or get them to come to your area. Deer can be cute and friendly looking from a distance but getting too close will put you in harms way. You must remember they are wild animals and if you get near a deer it may try to kick you or attack in some way. If you have kids make sure they understand its not safe to get near the deer and keep an eye out for kids trying to get close to them.

How Far Away Should You Set Your Deer Treats
We are not experts on this subject at all so this really is a hard question to answer. For us, we kept about 75-100 yards between us (all campers in the area) and our treat stump just so we could have a good view. We wanted to get them close enough to see but far enough away that they wouldn’t be walking in our camp.

ATTENTION: Feeding and baiting wildlife is prohibited or restricted in some places. Before using any deer feeding and baiting products, be sure to check all relevant federal, state, and local regulations.

What Didn’t Attract the Deer
The deer are always walking around at our favorite campground but our first attempts to get them to come where we can see them from our campsite failed. We love Walmart but we tested out a few of their mineral salt bricks, a few normal and apple flavored, but that just got passed up. Not sure they could see or smell it enough to attract them to it. We also tried just cutting some apple and setting it on a stump but that was quickly picked off by birds and other critters.

Finally What Did Work
There were several items we tested that I will talk about below but the item that worked well was Cole’s Cracked Corn. We found it on Amazon and so odd that it worked because it’s for birds! We dumped an entire 10 lbs. bag on this tree stump and the deer ate all of it in under two days and kept coming back to look for more. We brought it out for a short weekend camping trip and was plenty.

We went on a week long camping trip so I got a feeder block called the Monster Deer Block that my buddy recommended and it was the best thing we used. I put the block about 100 yards away from the camp near the lake and setup a deer cam.

Checkout the video below to see the Monster Deer Block in action

We were shocked to see that the Monster Deer Blocked had attractedso many deer that we ended up with over 70 deer cam videos for the night. From what we could see there sere a total of 15 different deer that visited the our spot and because it was far enough away the deer never bother us in our camp. If you are interested in attracting deer i would suggest you try this. We have a link to Amazon below to the one we used in the video.

Click here to buy one now: Monster Deer Block