Camping Game: Campfire Chronicles


Campfire Chronicles is a storytelling adventure game where players collect story elements during the day and weave them into tales around the campfire at night. It’s a blend of exploration, creativity, and performance, encouraging players to interact with their surroundings and each other in imaginative ways.


To craft and tell the most engaging story by collecting and creatively incorporating various story elements found or experienced throughout the camping area.

Number of Players: Any

Materials Needed

  • Story Elements Cards: These cards have categories like “Character,” “Setting,” “Object,” and “Event.” These can be prepared before the trip.
  • A bag or container to hold the Story Elements Cards
  • Notebooks or paper and pens for players to jot down their ideas
  • A campfire or gathering area for the storytelling session


  1. Prepare Story Elements Cards: Before the trip, create cards with broad categories that will guide players on what to look for during their exploration. Examples include:
    • Character: Find something or someone to base a character on (e.g., a curious squirrel, a brave camper).
    • Setting: Choose a location within the camping area as the setting for part of your story.
    • Object: Pick an object that must play a key role in your story (e.g., a mysterious stone, a lost hat).
    • Event: Describe an event that happens in your story (e.g., a sudden storm, a campfire mishap).
  2. Distribute Cards: Each player draws a card from each category at the beginning of the day.

How to Play

  1. Exploration and Collection: Throughout the day, players explore the camping area to find inspiration for each of their story elements based on the categories they drew.
  2. Story Crafting: Players use their notes and collected ideas to craft a unique story that incorporates all their elements. Creativity is encouraged, and the connections between elements can be as logical or fantastical as desired.
  3. Campfire Storytelling: In the evening, gather around the campfire. Each player takes turns telling their story, using their collected elements. Players can use props, enact parts of their story, or invite others to play roles.
  4. Voting and Winning: After all stories have been told, players vote on categories such as “Most Creative Story,” “Funniest Story,” or “Best Performance.” Voting can be done anonymously with paper slips, and each player can vote once per category (but not for their own story).


Instead of a single winner, Campfire Chronicles celebrates multiple aspects of storytelling by awarding titles based on the voting categories. This ensures everyone’s efforts are recognized and appreciated.

Safety and Fair Play

  • Encourage respectful and positive feedback on stories.
  • Ensure all exploration is done safely and within any boundaries set by the camping area.
  • Remind players to respect the environment and not disturb wildlife or damage plants during their exploration.


Campfire Chronicles can easily be adapted for different themes (e.g., ghost stories, historical tales) or specific age groups by adjusting the complexity of the story elements and the storytelling expectations.

This game not only adds an element of adventure to the daytime activities but also enriches the camping experience with shared stories and laughter by the campfire, creating lasting memories for all participants.