Why Mosquitoes Bites Itch and How to Stop the Itch

When mosquitoes bite they are stabbing their nose, a needle shaped nose, into your body. If blood dries around their nose during the bit they could potentially get stuck. In order to prevent that from happening they inject their spit into the location they penetrate that contains an anticoagulant that prevents your blood from clotting

Do All Mosquitoes Bite

No, male mosquitoes are not the biters. The female mosquitoes are the ones who bite and end up spreading disease. They bite you in order to drink your blood in order to use it to reproduce. When the blood is digested it provides the nutrition needed for the female mosquitoes to produce their larvae. They

When Are Mosquitoes Most Active

Mosquitoes seem to be most active on hot humid days with low wind. They can be around all year but February – August seems to be when you see them in higher numbers. A hot day at a campground with lots of humans no wind smells like Thanksgiving dinner to mosquitoes. Keeping yourself protected is

Will a Fan Keep Mosquitoes Away When Camping

My wife and I go camping all the time and we love it but sometimes we find the mosquitoes can get a bit thick. Kids going in and out of the tent all day tend to let those pesky mosquitoes. No matter what you try most of the time one or two are going to