Camping Game: Pantyhose Bowling Setup and Official Rules

Camping Game: Pantyhose Bowling Setup and Official Rules

What’s a fun homemade camping game you ask? Pantyhose Bowling! There are several different ways to put this game together but for the sake of simple we are only going to talk about the only three things you need to make the game.

What you Need for Pantyhose Bowling

1. Two or more pairs of pantyhose
2. A case of bottled water
3. Bag of apples
4. A big level place to play

How To Setup the Pantyhose Bowling Game

1. Each player gets one pair of pantyhose, one apple, and six bottles of water
2. Players line up their water bottles on the floor about 4 – 5 feet apart from each other
3. Everyone will Put one apple in one of the pantyhose legs and let it drop to the foot area
4. Last, all players put the pantyhose on their head. Make sure your apple can swing a few inches above the ground

Pantyhose Bowling Game Rules

1. Swing your apple into each bottle to knock it over
2. Use you head only to swing the apple. Hands must be to your side or behind your back
3. First one to knock all of their bottles down wins the game

You can always substitute the items above with with anything that can give you a similar outcome. Using cans instead of water bottles or other round shaped items like a baseball instead of apples. No stockings, use rope and duct tape and get creative. The only object of the game is to have a great time with your family and friends.

Pantyhose Bowling Game Example Video