Will a Fan Keep Mosquitoes Away When Camping

My wife and I go camping all the time and we love it but sometimes we find the mosquitoes can get a bit thick. Kids going in and out of the tent all day tend to let those pesky mosquitoes. No matter what you try most of the time one or two are going to be spending the night in your tent. After several bad trips where we woke up covered in bits I asked a few people what they were doing and most people said to use a fan in your tent if you can. I was very skeptical but we tested it out on one of our trips so I decided to share my experience with you.

Will a fan keep mosquitoes away when camping? Yes, mosquitoes are attracted to the natural smells we put off has humans. They can smell your sweat and also like the air you breath out when you exhale. When sleeping or sitting in the same place for a long time the natural smell from your body starts occupy the air around you and puts mosquitoes into a feeding frenzy. Setting a fan in your tent can help to move the air around you and push that scent away and can keep you cool enough to slow down the sweat.

Are Mosquitoes Pushed Away By Fans

I am not an expert on mosquitoes so I had to look this up and from what I found the answer is yes and no. If the wind is strong enough it’s going to blow anything away but the wind from your basic 12 inch house fan is not going to stop a mosquito from lading on you by wind force. A small fan like that just helps get rid of the smell that is attracting them over to you and they loose interest. One a side note, we did set a 20 inch high velocity fan inside the tent and kept it pointing at the door all day. Seemed to keep them from coming in the door as the kids went back and forth but is too loud and windy for us to have on when everyone is trying to sleep.

So the answer is yes, a fan will help keep mosquitoes away when camping and bigger fans seem to work best at repelling mosquitoes.