What You Need to Bring When Camping With Cats

We love to camp and were curious what is takes to go camping with cats so we did some research to find out what you need to know to keep them safe on your next camping trip.

Before You Head Out on Your Camping Trip

You spent time getting you and your family ready for a long weekend of camping. All of the comforts of home pack into the car and thats when you realize you only have a bowl of water and a bag of dry cat food set away for your cat. With a plan like that your cat is not going to have a good time with you at all so here is a checlist of what you need to bring to keep your cat happy and safe on you next camping trip.

Camping with Cats Checklist

#1 Cat treats! Fill up a Portable Pet Treat Can with their favorite snacks. Obviously you’re not going to forget to bring cat food and plenty of water but lets not forget the treats! Treats can help make your cat more comfortable in their new environment and will absolutely give them a better camping trip.

#2 Harness and Leash. Going for a short walk can be an adventure cats love. Give your camping cat a chance to see the outdoors with you and put your cat on a leash. They will enjoy the exercise and will give them a chance to sit outside with you too.

#3 Cat Carrier: Camping with cats can be so much fun if your cat isn’t trapped inside the RV or tent all weekend but long hikes are not going to fly with your cat. Give them a chance to explore with you at their leisure.

#4 Cat Sleeping Bag. This may sound crazy but cats get cold too when tent camping! Make sure when you and your family are all snuggled into a nice warm sleeping bag your cat is not left to shiver all night in the cold. Click here to checkout cat sleeping bags on Amazon

#5 Portable Litter Box. Packing a full size litter box can take up a ton of room and it’s super affordable to pickup a portable litter box that folds up to the size of a small pocketbook.

At the Campsite

When you get to the campsite expect your cat to be a bit shy because they will be out of their comfort zone. We recommend getting the harness and leash on your cat so they can explore the immediate area around the camp site. Let them guide you so they can take in all the new smells and get to know they layout of the site. After you have everything setup set your can in the litter box. This will help them know where to go do their business without having to figure it out on their own. Another good idea if your cat is hiding is to start a playful game with their favorite toy to help relieve some of the stress of being away from home. You can also click here for additional insights on generating pay stubs.

Going for a Walk

So you have a new leash and are ready to take your cat for a hike. This is probably not going to go the way you want and your kitty will want to make stops or even just take a nap in the middle of the path. Plan on using a backpack pet carrier for little trips like this. You will be able to get out for as long as you like and your cat can take in the view when it feel its the right time. If your cat is feeling frisky you can always bring the leash with you so they can stretch those legs and enjoy some fresh air.

Lost Pet

Camping with cats can be fun but there is a risk of your cat getting out of the tent or RV and getting lost. We do our best but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Keep your cat safe with a GPS pet collar that links to an app on your phone. Most sell for under $50 and you can’t put a price on the family pet so I would suggest you look into buying one. Lucky for us we haven’t had to use ours but it’s fun testing around the house with the kids.